Do what you love

Anytime I get asked to give advice to kids about their future I feel like the driver of the bullshit bus.

‘Work hard, do your homework and eat your vitamins!’ Hulk Hogan always said that when I was a kid so I go with that. I never worked that hard, they had to lock me in a room to do homework and my vitamin C came from fruit flavoured alcopops.

I also say ‘do what you love.’

If you’re doing something you care about in your spare time and working on projects that you’re passionate about then who gives a fuck. You’re going to get better at it and you’re going to value your time. If you can be proud of something you’ve created or a team you’ve worked with then it’s all worth while and that can turn into success in other aspects of your life.

This is my attempt to get back to that way of thinking.

I’ve always loved creation. Building worlds and characters inside my head, but in honesty that’s where most of it stayed because it’s a hell of a lot easier to think you’re good at something than test it. Also nodding along to scenes only you can see while listening to Spotify is simpler than putting it to paper.

So I’m taking my own, and the Hukster’s, advice right down to the vitamins. Over the past year I’ve written a book called The Sane King. The kind of book I’d like to read. It’s about doing the right thing and larger than life heroes like the ones who taught me how to be a better person when I grew up. It’s violent and earnest and not at all cynical.

I hope people enjoy reading it but most of all I loved writing it. There’s still a lot of editing needed but when the day comes I put it out there I’ll be proud to stand by it and say ‘that bucket of bat-shit crazy is mine’.

Heroes are not born, but forged.

A lone warrior takes up the cause of a hunted boy. A desperate nation seeks to bolster its fragile army. A malevolent god feasts on the nightmares of men and seeks to bring ruin to all.

The wanderer, Rayle, stands against the preternatural forces lurking on the edges of civilization and sanity. In the bleak lands of the Wrack, he rescues Bray from brutal men. Swearing to help the boy seek vengeance for the death of his brothers, Rayle finds himself locked in a savage contest that tests both his strength of arms and will.

The Younger Union, losing its long war against a tyrannical enemy is moved to enforce ancient contracts. Tensions build as an idyllic farming community becomes the stage upon which the future of the north will be decided.

When events collide, and a monstrous power threatens to drown their world in blood, Rayle and his unlikely allies must fight to stop the tides of carnage. To win they must first survive, and to survive they must overcome their fears, doubts, and regrets.